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we're on TV @ W Channel

The Popular Variety Show for the modern Woman.
They present all of in-trends stories. Especially,
special occasion that you looking for special gift for
special person, included your lover, family, friend or
any special one. Need to give the most impressive and
keep it always.

"Many creative product of PRINTcafe' is your answer"


Economic News ...
we're on TV @ channel 7

The popular economic news of  CH 7 in the morning

Present the new interesting business that create many
printing idea from digital photo. Easy way to keep and
show to everyone like the good magazine that sale in
book store. But all content create with your photo and
only once in the world.


we're on TV @ channel 5

For every occession, What is your selected gifts ?
City Lady, the popular TV variety show for Trendy
City Woman. Many interesting activity with guest
and their host.

For New Year Period, Let's present the trendy
Calendar from your heart for your special one with
your beautiful photo.

Easy to create in a few minute to be a nice calendar
on shelf. More special with one in the world.
Be an impression gift and usefully all year.


Thailand ... MeeDee
we're on TV @ S Channel

The Variety Show that present all update stories.

PRINTcafe' invited to show creative idea & product
"Special impressive gift ... Once in the world"
For celebrate season of New Year and Valentine

Who are looking for the special gift that create from
your own favorite photo, such as Memory in the Bottle,
Love Book, Photo Cube or Calendar that guarantee
no one leave it.


make the difference idea

The Good TV Variety on Nation Channel for the
creative people that present the newest idea with
creativity and make the differential with
Mr.Sam Fan : Pan Thare Advertising Ad.

Interview in New Year Season about trendy idea
for any gift from photo with variety client idea.
Both Greeting Card, Photobook, Diary, Organizer,
Calendar and variety of Gifts that difference with
your own idea. With Concept of ...
"Don't stop Thinking for the future"


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